CNCOx - new Spindle pledge run

Hi All,
we’ve recently managed to overheat the spindle driver for the 400W Spindle on the Ox CNC
we could get another one for 55 quid, but this pledge run is for a 1.5Kw Air cooled spindle to replace it
since the 400W was kind of under powered anyway

1.5KW Air Cooled China Spindle with an ER16 Collet

Pledge Target £250.00

  • garlicbread (Richard) £80
  • muteDuck (Michael) £50
  • Alexander_Lang1 £50
  • Greg Morris £25
  • Mike Bratt £25
  • Mark Heywood £20

Running Total £250

The er16 collets I’ve ordered are around £30 so any spare will go towards that

I can pledge £50

I’ll put in £50


I’m happy to put £25 in.


Hi All,
My parents have offered to throw 50 quid in so I’ve now placed the order for it
If anyone else still wants to throw a bit of cash in then your still more than welcome since i also need to get some er16 collets

I’ve ordered it from here, I figured I’d use the same supplier on ebay I used last time

I’ve also ordered some collets (16pcs) from

There’s a roll of mains flex in the metal area I can use for powering the VFD.
I’ll just need to find a bit of 4 core to run from the vfd to the spindle
and make sure to earth the metal bracket (since china tends to disconnect the earth pin)

Many Thanks

That is very kind of your Ma and Pa!

How do you want us to pay you for our pledges?



The last update I had from telegram is that the moneys will go to hacman first then I’ll claim them back.
I think badspyro / Chris might be dealing with that / will provide account ref to use

I’ve tested both the spindle and the vfd and they seem okay.

  • I’ve got some 4 core shielded CY cable on order for VFD - > Spindle

  • ER16 collets still need to arrive

  • Bracket to attach to the cnc is nearly done (just need to drill some holes in the metal bracket)

  • I’ve now got a mains cable on the vfd so I’ll also get that programmed next as well (I can use the same values I used on mine)

Once the spindle is done, I’ll also be looking into replacing the cable chain with open / larger type to get cables in and out easier and putting the grbl controller / power supply / rpi into the server case underneath on the shelf.

Spindle is now wired up and working okay.
However before we can use the machine I need to hookup a relay so that the EStop switch will trigger the EStop on the VFD. If we just cut the power to the VFD then it would take longer for the spindle to slow down as it would just be coasting.
I might also redo the plug going into the spindle since I now have some spare plugs

I’ve currently got a relay on order with amazon at the moment which should arrive sometime in January.