co-living / Shared house

Hey, I’m looking for somewhere to live in Manchester.
Is anyone interested in getting a shared house / space? (prob close to Hacman).
I’d really like to live in a community of like-minded people, (maybe also do a software start-up and get rich, etc.)
(I’m not actually in Manchester at the moment, but I will be in the near future.)

((You can read this thread for more info about what I’m looking for:
Live together to increase our productivity - #14 by Radivis - Visions - Fractal Future Forum – Envisioning and creating a better future ))


Reality Adventuring Party. Altruistic Quests. Killing monsters and sharing the loot.

Keywords: Intentional Community, Coworking, Cohousing, Utopia, Altruism, Transhumanism, Gaia, Synergy, Hackerspace, DIY-bio, Startup, Couchsurfing, NomadBase, Anarchy, Squatting, Social/cultural centre, Eco-city, Hacker Island, Geodome, Sovereignty, Hippie Commune, Tribe, Micronation, Social Experiment, Gift/Sharing economy, Autonomous space, Live-in hacklab, Freedom, Sustainable, Self-sufficiency

Let’s get some cool people together and live in a tribe / family / team / intentional community. Experiment with better ways to live, and make the world a cooler place. We’ll work together to survive and look after each other. This could include: farming, making software, making art … Any way we can harness our creativity / brainpower / muscle power / willpower in order to build the world we want. (We could do anything (as long as it’s ethical)). I’m confident that a team of smart, passionate people, using the synergy created by living and working in the same space, can come up with lots of ways to survive and have fun at the same time.