Come see David Jones talk about Go (event promotion)

Hi all,

David Jones will be talking this weekend about Go:

“Can Go replace your favourite dynamic language? Go is a systems
programming language developed by Google and in use at ScraperWiki. Here
I’ll introduce Go in the context of “what about Go is dynamic?”. There will
be some live coding using I’ll also briefly outline what
I’ve had experience of making things using Go (at ScraperWiki).”

This is part of the Dynamic Languages event:

Tickets are on sale at a reduced price of £15 (£5 for concessions) which
covers room hire, drinks and a buffet lunch. Tickets are available from:

Also talking is Dr Gianni Ciolli on using PostgresDB for multiple language
implementations, Matt S. Trout on OO implementations in multiple languages,
Lorna Mitchell on ‘Your Open Source Journey’.