Competition! - Show and Tell - EOY 2023 - Deadline 10th December

Show and Tell - EOY 2023 - Deadline 10th December 2023

It’s that time of year again. Asda is playing Christmas music, the blow up santa has a puncture, and children gather to throw fireworks at one another. It can only mean one thing! The (now) Annual Hackspace Show and Tell!

This year we’ve upped the ante slightly as there will be a prizes!

All you need to do to enter, is post one or more images of a project you’ve worked on this year, along with a short write up about it.

The judges will pick the top three write ups, which will be posted on our instagram, and the one with the most likes will win the prize bundle.

For some inspiration see last years post on the forum. Tell us what you’ve made, maybe tell us about a challenge of the project, or something you would like to develop more, or a new skill you learnt along the way.

Prizes are still being collated, but currently consist of:

  • 1kg of PLA filament provided by Filamentive
  • Sew your own washbag kit provided by Make Your Own Gear UK
  • £10 hackspace credit for materials
  • £25 Fred Aldous gift card
  • Something as of yet unconfirmed from Axminster Tools
  • Maybe some more things, if i find time to write more emails…

Projects don’t have to be complete. Write ups should be maximum 200 words. Drop us your instagram if you’d like to be tagged. Deadline to enter is Sunday 10th December. Judges selection will be announced on instagram on 11th December, and the winner will be announced at the Christmas Party on 20th December.

More excitement. The ante has been upped. Fred Aldous have contributed a £25 gift card!

More excitement - Abakhans have also donated a giftcard to spend instore. Now all we need are some entries!

I submit for your consideration ‘The Electric Circus’, a miniature warband I worked on-and-off for months, mostly in HacMan.

The minis are all from different kits or sculptors. I wanted to experiment with taking fantasy-themed miniatures and re-contextualising them to sci-fi using just colour scheme (and basing). Though the colour scheme is pretty simple, I used them try a lot in terms of paint and techniques. Using matt vs gloss to highlight detail, using nail polish powder as a medium, detailed finelining. Turns out I enjoy doing lining work a lot and I’m not half bad at it!

Mini painting is a hobby I can easily do at home, but it’s going to the space to work and help with tours that stops me from being a total shut in, haha. Thank you!

My insta is @TheNeonCaster


This is my submission:

I saw some coats online a while ago and noticed they were fake ad scam things which made me real upset because I really liked the look of it. So I decided to try make one myself!

Would I reccomend doing one yourself, not a fucking chance :rofl:

Will it keep me warm, dry and not fall apart on me, hopefully! Time will tell.

Anyway, I learnt a lot, spent a lot and now actually kind of like sewing when I’m not accidentally stabbing myself.

(Quick edit add - this is my first full garment creation! I’ve only ever altered a pair of jeans and dungarees before)