Consumables list development

Hi All,

The previous consumables list has been in need of a bit of a refresh for a while now. I’ve worked up a new google sheets spreadsheet with a new list of consumables with the help of @Chris_Hilliard

I’m sharing it here for discussion and also suggestions of further consumables I may have missed. The idea of consumables is that they are things that tend to need replacing/restocking with enough frequency that purchase proposals are a bit cumbersome.

Some items are board only, some items are subgroups only and many are open to all members to buy. Items have a suggested purchase link, though members can spend up to 20% more before a purchase proposal/update to the sheet and approval is required.

According to our spending procedure, this list will need to be formally approved at the next members meeting before it becomes official. I’m hoping the discussion in the meeting will be a yes or a no, and that the main bulk of the discussion if any will occur here.

Note that the list can always be updated and approved at subsequent members meeting, so this first iteration doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect.

Link to our previous consumables list:
Consumables - Hackspace Manchester Documentation

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