COVID-19 An Update

Given the recent changes to the regulations around COVID-19 it felt that an update and a reminder of the space rules was a good idea

Lets first answer the 2 most asked questions

Does the Space need to close at 10pm - The guidance isn’t clear which is why we are taking steps to make sure that we aren’t considered a business selling food or drink (more below) but no we aren’t currently putting into place any closures.

Is the space limited to 6 people - No, the space isn’t limited to 6 people, the rule of 6 does provide us a bit more flexibility in future for small group meetings etc but for now the standard rules still apply around 2m distances, area limits etc

So whats new? and what are the current rules in the space

We are currently on Alert Level 3 but with some additional control methods in place to help prevent the spread of the virus and the rules in place for this level include the following:

  • Equipment Booking - Equipment must be booked prior to use - this can be booked online via

  • No guests are permitted in the space

  • Limits on the area numbers (see our initial plan included below)

  • Equipment must be wiped down before and after use

  • regularly sanitise your hands especially on entering the space
    You must fob in when entering the space this allows us to record access for contact tracing purposes eg don’t tailgate and come in with another member or come in just because someone has opened the door

  • Do not visit the space for at least 14 days if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms or tested positive for the disease in the past 14. days

  • No storing any large items in the space at the moment which has potential to block any walkway or area that isn’t set aside for large project storage

  • No moving of areas, work in areas etc should be done without prior board approval as we need to ensure areas remain covid secure

  • Facemasks are mandatory - You must use facemasks in the space (unless your exempt)

With the new rules around businesses consuming food and drink we have also taken the decision to remove snackspace for the time being. We won’t be doing any new snackspace topups until we have a clear idea of the rules around this

We have also made the space compatible with the new NHS track and trace app so you can scan the QR code on entering the space, if you are using the app please scan the QR code.

We are doing everything we can to keep the space open during this time and to remain at level 3. Level 4 and 5 of the alert system we have in place puts a lot more restrictions on when the space can be used so its imperative that everyone follows the rules we have in place to keep you safe but please be aware that should Manchester enter any further local lockdown restrictions this might change again and we might find that we have no choice but to move to a more higher alert level.

As usual if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the board via email on

Project Reboot - Hackspace Manchester - amended.pdf (363.9 KB)