COVID-19 and the Space - Latest Information

Dear Member

Latest Update from the board regarding the current situation around COVID-19

Following an emergency board meeting to discuss the ongoing situation around the closure of public places due to the Coronavirus outbreak the board have decided the following will apply with immediate effect.

  • The space will remain open for as long as possible during this outbreak however it is everyone’s responsiblity to help ensure that it can continue to remain open by adhering to the rules above, not using the space if your ill and not using it is a place to socialise. It should be used for working on solo projects only and we ask you limit your time in the space to as short of time as possible but please be aware that as the situation is changing on a daily basis there is a risk that we could need to close the space without notice so please take any important projects etc home with you after each visit!

  • All Social and Member Gathering Events will be suspended this includes Hack the Space Days, Members Meetings, Social activities likes games nights (official or unofficial) and all INDUCTIONS for machines. This also will apply to our presence at any external events such as Makefest (though we suspect that this will not be going ahead anyway) THIS APPLIES AS OF TONIGHT SO PLEASE CANCEL ANY INDUCTIONS OR OTHER EVENTS PLANNED

  • Please wash your hands before entering and leaving the space and make use of Hand Sanitiser (or IPA)

  • As this virus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours YOU MUST wipe down any surface before & after any use with IPA (note common sense applies here please don’t wipe the blow torch down with IPA) and please be careful mixing any cleaning chemicals like IPA with something else.

  • The above also applies to PPE please where possible bring your own but should you make use of any of the space PPE such as faceguards please ensure you clean these correctly afterwards

  • We don’t have an infinite supply of IPA - we are working on sourcing some more so please use this sparingly for other uses and prioritise its use for keeping the space at least remotely clean

  • Please practice social distancing in the space, make use of the vast space we have and spread out don’t sit on top of someone or hover next to them whilst they use a machine)

  • You must not visit the space if you have come into contact with anyone with the symptoms of this virius including a persistent cough, high temperature or other flu like symptoms

  • Please inform the board immediately if you come down with any of the symptoms of the virus after being in the space

  • Please practice good personal hygiene in the space including covering your mouth if coughing or sneezing and ensuring that tissues get binned

We understand this is a confusing, difficult and scary time for the country (and the world) and we know how important the space is to people. We are exploring some virtual options at the moment including virtual games nights, open evenings and meetings etc so that those who can’t make it into the space due to self isolation etc can still participate in the community that there is at Hackspace Manchester

On a final note if any member is experiencing any hardship caused by this virus please reach out to us on email at, where we can help we will.


Mike, Ellen, Grayson, Ben and Rossy aka the board

This was a few weeks back. It appears to me that there are now two intersecting issues. The first being COVID 19 and the second separate issue of inability to access the space due to the fire.

In light of the confusion - it would be nice if the board were able to update us on a few aspects.

Primarily to come up with a way for members to access the space to take things away that they were working on.

Secondly it would be useful to give some indication that you are acting in a business like manner in your discussions with the landlord with respect to payment of rent. I am on the board of another similar space where we sublet, and we have given a 2/3 rent reduction to our tenants.

Finally it may be useful if we actually formed the sub committees electronically.