COVID-19 Change of Alert Level

Given the recent announcement that Manchester will move to Level 3 of the UK Govt 3 tier approach from Friday The board have decided that the space will move to its own alert level 4 effective from Sunday

First off why Sunday and not Friday? - Because we wanted to give people a couple of days to collect things etc

What does Alert Level 4 Mean

Alert level 4 will mean that the space can only be accessed by one household at a time (so normally one member but if there is more than 1 member from a household they can use the space at the time being) this rule applies to support bubbles too if your in a single household and you have formed a support bubble with a member from another single household you may use the space togehter however the member that has booked the space will be the only one who can access the space directly using their tag

We would of kept the space at level 3 but repeated breaches of level 3 meant it was unsafe for us to continue to do so.

During Alert Level 4 we will not be able to carry out inductions

So how do you access the space?

Visit and select the timeslot you want to access the space. This will be restricted to 2 hours at the moment you can book more than one slot each day though this might be restricted if people cannot access the space due to a small number of members booking all the slots.

You will need to be logged in to make the booking

You can also cancel or reschedule existing bookings from this page by scolling to the bottom.

How long will this last

The Greater Manchester Restrictions are set to be reviewed by the 11th of November should we move back to tier 2 then we will move the space back to level 3 however we will also review this again on the 16th of November where depending on local factors including infection rates, what else has been able to remain open etc we may move back to level 3

To be clear the space won’t be closing, access will just be restricted to one household/support bubble at any time and you will need to book using the website to get access

Should you have any questions please email