Damage to the Lathe


Over the last few days the lathe has been damaged through misuse (and it now out of action). Disappointingly no one has come forward, which leads us to suspect that whoever caused the damage may have been unaware. Accidents do happen and equipment does go wrong, so we’re asking if anyone is aware of anything surrounding the cause or if you tried to use the lathe recently and noticed anything unusual?


From what I can gather one of the gib strips has come out in the cross slide area
(can’t remember if it’s the cross or compound slide)
Putting it back is straightforward, there’s normally 3 nuts that hold it in.
But if someone has applied preasure from the tool to the part without it in, it might have caused damage (I think to the leadscrew) which would be expensive to fix,

Also someone had put the cutting tool in sideways for some reason, we’re not sure why but that’s not how you do things, as your rubbing the part against a curved area instead of actually cutting anything.

Hopefully nothing else has been affected.
But I wouldn’t go anywhere near it untill greg has had time to evaluate.