December Members Meeting - 3rd December 7.30pm - Minutes added

December Members Meeting 3rd December 2018 7.30pm

As agreed at the Last Member’s Meeting we would test the forum as a place to build the agenda/allow for participation and comments from those who cannot attend in person. This post should be a wiki post editable by everyone so feel free to add your agenda points.

This will also be the last Members Meeting of 2018 and the last one to take place specifically on a Monday. From 2019 as decided at November’s Members Meeting 2019 meetings will take place on the 1st of every 2nd Month. (Unless the 1st is a Wednesday then it will take place on the 2nd)


  • Appointment of Member’s Meeting Chair & Secretary (anyone interested in either of these roles should express an interest to the board via email)

  • Approval of Minutes from Last Member’s Meetings

Team/Committee Updates

  • Board Update including Members agreement to proposed changes of structure (see this post)

The below updates are based on the new team/subcommittee structure proposed in the changes above

  • Procurement Sub Committee
  • Team Procurement Report 1812
  • Infrastructure Sub Committee
  • Membership Sub Committee
  • Outreach Sub Committee (Events/Social/Community Outreach)
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee
  • Laser Team
  • 3D Print Team
  • Wood Team
  • Metalworking Team
  • Electronics Team
  • Craft Team

Member Submitted Items

Please place any items here that you wish to have discussed at the Meeting

  • Space π - Update on the search for new premises
  • Access Control for Woody Dusty - Discuss
  • We’re 50quid short for a new CNC Spindle if anyone could add to the pledge run I would be grateful (Richard)
  • Do we want to still move to Discord? Can we actively promote it if we do? - Harvy
  • ALL HAIL THE MEMBER SYSTEM - Hypnotoad (but seriously looks and works great)

Any Other Business

Members Meeting Minutes

03 December 2018 / Hackspace Manchester - Wellington House, 19:30
Meeting started 19:37
Chair: Rossy Minutes: Bunny Girl

Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes of November’s Member Meeting were approved.

Team/Committee Updates

Board Board still exists, The board held a successful development morning in November where the structure of the teams/sub committees were discussed these are laid out on the forum post. We also discussed the vision, mission and objectives for the Space for the next 12 months (still work to be done on this.

Action - Reminder from Cone to board to check insurance expiry
Action - Anyone wishing to get involved in any of the sub committees or teams should contact the board via the helpdesk system (

Procurement Sub Committee - 2 Snackspace runs recently done, Jason has also started work on a new kiosk system for Snackspace that will integrate into the new members system (making purchasing things easier) anyone wishing to get involved in the procurement sub committee please contact us. Any requests for items should be made via

Infrastructure Sub Committee - All digital infrastructure is now moved over to the new German server, Review of the wiki will take place early next year including if one is actually needed. Currently everything seems to be working ok.

Membership Sub Committee - This is a new committee anyone wanting to be part of it should contact the board. We currently have 140 members paying on average £15 a month. Reminder to claim your members storage space on the membership system and if you have more than one box/half a shelf please rectify this before action is taken.

Outreach Sub Committee - This combines Events, Social and General community outreach into one team. At this point cone mentions he is sexy… The newsletter is done but awaiting a last bit of content. Facebook and Twitter are being updated and gradually growing.

Health & Safety Sub Committee - This is a new committee anyone wanting to be part of it should contact the board. Bunnygirl mentions shes joining it.

Laser - Laser is currently working, relays have been changed and it recently got a complete strip down and cleaned.
3D Print - Greg has been working on the 2nd Printer and it should be working very soon.
Woodworking - Angry messages have been posted regarding the state of the place. The areas has been cleaned and new (more) posters put up
Metalworking - People who would like lathe training new system is to come in to force but till then just send in the emails and requests for training and you will be put on the new system
Electronics - Electronic area is ok, Request to buy more wire for the area was approved by the procurement team.
Craft - No Report

Member Submitted Items

Search for a new space - We have currently looked at one unit which is bigger but is further out and therefore might not be suitable. It is still on the list of possible spaces but awaiting contact back from Network Rail regarding a couple of railway arches.

Access Control for Woodworking area - Given the levels of mess and abuse of that area recently discussions on access control implemtnation of that area took place. Greg Volunteered to put this into place.

CNC Pledge - We are currently running a pledge for a new CNC spindle anyone wishing to donate to this should visit the forum post and pledge

Any other Business

Hack the Space Day - We have a need to have a clearout/sort out of the corridor and of member’s storage BunnyGirl will sort a doodle poll of dates and arrange a skip if required.

Discord Trial - No update on if we are moving to it, looks like trial has fizzed out and no one has used it since October. Likely given the privacy concerns of discord we wont be moving to it.

RFID - Motion that instead of presenting your fob you boop it instead (and discussion of fob readers having a dog nose over them took part).

Meeting Finished 20:06

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