Decent soldering station and tips for surface work


I’m in the market for upgrading my cheapo maplin soldering iron. I’m probably now thinking of going to a soldering station with smaller tips as I am doing more surface mount stuff. Any recommendations of what you use at home? Is the hackspace soldering station worth getting? I’ve used and it’s pretty good.


What is your budget? There are several options depending on what you can
afford. The Metcal (Oki) soldering iron in the hackspace was quite

The tips alone are £17.00

The link below is for the Hakko stations favoured by many hobbyists and
Hackers alike:


It all depends on budget and skill level. I can make do with most cheapo
stations as long as they are temperature controlled and decent tips and
cleaner is available:

I saw similar stations to these available in cheetham hill in the mobile
phone repair shops along with the useful soldering mat.

Hope this helps


Thanks, you covered a range there. I wasn’t really sure what my budget is.

I’ll probably be going a for a cheaper one, as I am just getting into smd stuff and not sure how much I’ll be doing in the future.
I might just head down cheetham hill next weekend and see what they have.

I didn’t know the hackspace one was that expensive!

I finally got around to looking at the options and probably going to go for the hakko one. On eBay it’s either £50 or £100+ why the price difference and what should I be wary of? Is just one is genuine?