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Wow- I remeber the Elite game - used ot play that for hours in the 80s!On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 6:08 PM, hacman+noreply@googlegroups.com wrote:

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  • Raspberry Pi - $25 ARM based PC <#12fc647fe0327cd9_group_thread_0> [8
  • Vote for MadLab in the co-op’s revolution<#12fc647fe0327cd9_group_thread_1>[2 Updates]

Topic: Raspberry Pi - $25 ARM based PChttp://groups.google.com/group/hacman/t/98cfe5f01275effe

Jon Spriggs jon@sprig.gs May 05 03:42PM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

So, I saw this today http://www.raspberrypi.org/

It’s being produced by a UK based charity, and it has USB in on one
side and HDMI out on the other, running Linux.

I don’t think the design is yet to be open sourced, but for the price,
that’s a whole lot of micro-computers we could throw at stuff… and
if enough geeks make enough noise, they might be up for doing
something interesting around construction (perhaps??)

All the best,

Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs

Bob Clough parag0n@ivixor.net May 05 03:49PM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

Wow, this is amazing.

I wonder how we can get our hands on some to play with? Looks like it’d
great for project a sketch:gaming edition.


Dan Dart dandart@googlemail.com May 05 03:50PM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

Ooh - wow, a cluster of these would make one of the best synthesisers

Jon Spriggs jon@sprig.gs May 05 04:11PM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

I think the key here will be (if we want to get huge quantities out

  1. Ask them whether Hack(er)spaces can get involved in working with
    and improving the design. Ask them for a mailing list, forum or
    website we can get involved with them in.
  2. Encourage them to open source the design - point them, gently, at
    the Arduino design. Remind them that by making the design open, they
    don’t lose control, but it does give more people more of a chance to
  3. If they don’t want to open source it, get on the hacking wagon. Get
    some great plans of what you can (and should/shouldn’t) do with such a
    box. I really liked the idea further down this chain (not sent to all
    the CC’s above) that said:

I was just reminded of an educational outdoor kiosk project for a
local non-profit that got scrapped due to concerns over running power
to where they’d need it. This with a 15-17" LED lit lcd (20W max)
could easily be solar powered, and greatly simplify the cabinet to
install it all in as it wouldn’t need active cooling, thus making it
easier to weatherproof.

A great example of this is the Joggler, AKA an OpenPeak frame, running
Linux, and (was) selling at £50 in the UK. Went like hot cakes, and
got LOADS of people interested in doing stuff with them… these boxes
are still selling on EBay for around £50-70, with or without mods.

Imagine one of these powering a wearable computing project??? How cool
would that be?

Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs

Alexander Lang alexanderlang1980@googlemail.com May 05 06:48PM +0100
^ <#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

May be we should just get some of these devices (pay money and buy
some!!) and have a play and see what we can do!!!


Jon Spriggs jon@sprig.gs May 06 11:51AM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

So, Jonty, from London Hackspace contacted them… Good stuff ahoy!

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From: Jonty Wareing jonty@jonty.co.uk
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I dropped the guys making this an email with some questions, not
seriously expecting a reply. They got back to me within three hours!

I thought the responses might be of interest to everyone:

At rest I’d say 50mW (we could trim this if it was really important,
but it gets a bit fiddly below this point), under serious load
(original XBox class graphics or 1080p30 H.264), 700mW.


Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs

On 5 May 2011 16:11, Jon Spriggs jon@sprig.gs wrote:

Bob Clough parag0n@ivixor.net May 06 11:58AM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

Looking into it, there is literally no chance of this costing $25 with
like that. In <1000 quantities, 700MHz SoC’s cost about a tenner!

Alan Burlison alan.burlison@gmail.com May 06 12:44PM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

On 06/05/2011 11:58, Bob Clough wrote:

Looking into it, there is literally no chance of this costing $25
with specs
like that. In<1000 quantities, 700MHz SoC’s cost about a tenner!


Alan Burlison

Topic: Vote for MadLab in the co-op’s revolutionhttp://groups.google.com/group/hacman/t/97a3a7db0cc057

Bob Clough parag0n@ivixor.net May 06 10:59AM +0100 ^<#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

Can everyone please vote for madlab at the co-op’s ‘join the

This would help get some vital funding, at a time when its really

Alexander Lang alexanderlang1980@googlemail.com May 06 11:47AM +0100
^ <#12fc647fe0327cd9_digest_top>

I’ve voted! Everybody get it done, it only takes a second and will
make a difference!


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