Donation To Hackspace

Hello everyone,

The company im working for currently is moving out and changing the office and because of this reason they are getting rid of some of their equipment’s. Now normally they were donating them to a specific charity however i requested if we can have some of it at least and that is now approved.

They have screens, chairs, keyboards, mouses and tables. Im attaching some images below here so you can see the equipments.

If we want the equipments we need to let the company know asap. How many what we want… Plus we need to arrange transportation for these equipments.

The desks are all banked. They are together so keep that in mind.

The only thing that the company ask is recognition in return. So some pictures taken while these used thats all. (These are for Hackspace so not for individuals)


We are in desperate need for chairs!

I think a couple of monitors/keyboards/mice would be useful for the main area for people who want to interface with their own raspberry Pi or use the space for co-working.

Thank you to the company for whatever they can spare! :heart:

So how many chairs we need? I was thinking maybe we can also replace our current old screens with these too. So like at least 3 screens. 2 keyboard mouse combination. + screens you are saying for own raspery pi or we might need more screens around for different reasons too.

Company called Light & Wonder btw

We can even create an area on the main area with the screens where people can connect their laptops and use the bigger screens instead?

@bluetin maybe one for you to answer around the electronics space for replacing the existing monitors. Do they need replacing?

@BlackLight what resolution are these monitors and what inputs do they have? This might give us a good indication if need them in the electronics area.

I’m all in agreement for getting more monitors and chairs for the space in general. As for numbers, I can just put a finger in the air and say 6(?) chairs and 6 monitors?

Also I can help with transport if needed. DM me dates and times.

This is one of the screen back. I donno what resolution they are really. I dont even know if they all are same model/brand screens.

This looks great. Thanks!

I’m thinking we probably want 3 or 4 chairs, but nothing too much as ideally in the future we’ll get a load of stacking chairs that can be stored away easier and are easier to move if we ever move buildings.

Screenwise, definitely a new one in electronics, perhaps 2 more for visual arts, another 2 to replace the 2 in the entrance area. I don’t know if there’d ever be a need for a screen in woody dusty or metalwork? Does the cadcam router machine have a monitor? Do these plug into the raspberry pis we have around the space OK?

Where is your office, how soon does it need to be picked up, and does it have to be between 9am and 5pm?

I’m in the space tomorrow eve and could have a look around for what we need for sure.


Yup these are 21.5’ 1080p monitors that take HDMI, DP and VGA. These are more than good enough for the space.

Looking at the pics they seems the same model or close enough.

I agree with @Josephxtian and probably just for 6 anyway. @BlackLight I assume we can get the desk clamps as well? As I’ve noticed they don’t have any stands.

Not sure what is desk clamps. What i know is we can take 1 or 2 if we want to. That can be good to have kind of a work desk for people near where the board is… (where the timers stands)


Ideally they want us to pick the items on Thursday 20th or Friday 21st in working hours. (9 to 5.30)


List been provided. If you have any changes do let me know.

Her are some more pictures

I think if Frank thinks he can fit that cabinet into his van, it would be great to get it in the space to store all our random liquid bottles, e.g. Oils, paints, greases, etc.

Which cabinet specifically? Can you mark it for me please?

This one please