Dremmel Heads

Jezz has just tried to sort out the bits for the dremmels in the box
out of the 3 dremmels in there (not including the battery one)

the drill chucks fit the official dremmel, but the official dremmel has an issue with latching the screw head to fasten on the chuck to the end of it
the other 2 dremmels have a larger thread size and don’t seem to fit the drill type chucks we have in the box

we think

  1. there needs to be a couple of drill / chuck type things for the larger non dremmel dremmels
  2. the official dremmel might need taking apart to look at the plastic latch for tightening up the head

Also it looks like we need more mains plugs (which seem to be going like consumables at the moment)

I will have a look and see If we have any mains extensions available here.
The official dremel (which was mine originally) is getting long in the
tooth. There are guides on how to improve the slop:

We may need to invest in a new official dremel or obtain chucks which fit
the other types.



I was thinking
if the reason the blue plastic knob isn’t catching the spindle when tightening stuff up is because the plastic is worn away
then maybe we could 3d print a new one, although I’d have to take it apart to get access to the blue pushy in plastic thing to measure it / see if that’s the problem

Whatever happens I think it is worth taking the dremel apart carefully to
see what the issue is…Just make sure it will go back together. If you
aren’t confident then leave it be and I will look at it. My plan is if it
cannot be fixed I will invest in a new dremel.