Drone Hack day AidDrone

We are planning to run a hack day for drone stuff. 12th of June is the day
we are targeting. We want to invite a number of engineers, graduates,
students, and enthusiasts so they can do and learn in one day, with chance
to repeat this the next round for richer objectives.

Here is a bit of ‘more official’ paragraph being prepared for the

We’re looking for the very brightest and best people to design, build and
test drone applications that’ll make a difference in the real world and
could save the lives of hundreds of people.

The University of Central Lancashire’s Civic Drone Centre is hosting a 1
day hackathon where participants will be provided with all the materials
they need to build a UAV that could be used in a disaster zone.
Participants will also have access to our ‘Drone Drs’ - an in-house team of
coders, engineers and UAV pilots - to help them realise their ideas.
They’ll be able to use the latest 3D printers and rapid prototyping
technology to make bespoke components for their AidDrone on the day.
They’ll be able to see if their ideas will fly in our Flight Zone. And
they’ll be able to compete for our prestigious ‘Golden Drone’ trophy,
awarded by popular vote to the team building and flying the best AidDrone
idea on the day!

It would be great if you have anybody that can be introduced to us to be
invited to participate as ‘hacker’. You may be trying yours and other
colleagues and friends’ students, recent graduates, or the like.

Please let me know in the near future if you have anyone in mind.

Please email your reply to my work email, stavakoli@uclan.ac.uk

Thanks and all the best,