Dynamic Languages Conference Manchester

Sorry for the spam, but I suspect there are interested people that haven’t
already heard about it from me :slight_smile:

Hi all

We are still looking for speakers to talk at the Dynamic Languages event
in Manchester on 20th June. We already have some great keynotes from
Lorna Mitchell (Open Source Journey) and Dr Gianni Ciolli (Postgres for
any Language), talks by Matt S. Trout and David Jones speaking about Go.

We have workshops on getting the best out of the job hunting market by
an experienced Recruiter (trust me he is in fact very nice and the
workshops are useful!).

Please visit: http://www.dynamiclanguages.co.uk/

Tickets are on sale for the event (to cover room hire and a light
lunch/drinks) but speakers will get free entry and lunch (naturally).
There is a reduced ticket price for those that are students, unemployed
etc. Tickets are at:


If you could pass this information to any interested parties I would be
most grateful.