Early Elections to be Called

The board recently held a meeting and follow up discussions following this where several board members expressed their wish to step down early due to other commitments and time constraints.

Due to this Jason, Jo and Ross have decided that they will not be continuing with their roles and look forward to working with a new board to successfully hand over the running of the space to those who have more time to commit to the space.

To ensure the space can continue to run the board have made the decision to call early elections and the arrangements to start this process have begun.

We urge anyone who wants to be involved in the running of the space to stand at these elections. the space needs a strong board in order to thrive and grow and without this we wouldn’t be able to exist in our current form and if you wish to have an informal chat about the role before considering standing please feel free to reach out to a board member.

What are the responsibilities of a board member ?

Do you run to be on the board, or run to be a specific role on the board?

It would be nice if someone (maybe the board members) could answer these questions? We have a lot of new members who probably don’t know how the board operates, so would reject any nomination if it came up.