Election Nominations 2019

Nominations for election to the Board are now open, and will be until the end of the 6th of September 2019. Please email your nominations to greg@hacman.org.uk from your registered hackspace email address, giving your name and the name(s) of the members you wish to nominate.

Greg (as Returning Officer)

Reminder: You only have a few days left to nominate people for election to the board. Late nominations will not be accepted, and will not count.

Please email greg@hacman.org.uk with your name and the name(s) of the members you wish to nominate.

Greg (as Returning Officer)

Nominations have closed, and the members who have accepted their nomination have provided a short piece of text to encourage you to vote for them. They are presented in randomised order.

Mathew Nixon

In my time as a hackspace member I have helped to build the new woody area, and provided ideas to help and encourage the growth of the wider space, such as my links with Etsy Manchester. I have also conducted a number of inductions for the wood workshop and laser cutter and would like to commit to see the space grow and evolve over the next few years by joining the board so I can help the good progress made this far to continue and to ensure the Hacman continues to flourish far into the future.

Ben Dooks

I am a long standing member of the space, specialising in electronics and electrical.
I have been involved with the space move and the build out working on the electrical installation.


If I was elected as a board member I would help the space continue growing as a welcoming, diverse community, give voice to the opinions of any member who would like to be heard and help bring new opportunities to the space and its members.

I spend a lot of time in the space and have gotten to know a lot of the people here. I enjoy talking with so many different people and listening to what they’re passionate about and feel that we could become an even better place for skill sharing and creativity.

Paul Plowman

Hi I’m Paul! I’m a founder member and former director of Hacman.

I’ve been a keen amateur maker all my life, achieving such distinctions as winning the regional “Young Inventor of the Year” competition in my teens, and having my clock appear on the TV show “QI”.

I’m keen to foster the community aspect of the space. We have an excellent physical workshop, but currently social activities only attract the same dozen or so core people - I’d like to try and get more members engaged socially.


Chris Hilliard

Hi, I’m Chris, otherwise known as badspyro on telegram. I’m the longest standing board member at this point, and since I’ve been on the board, the space has grown hugely - we’ve been through two physical spaces and grown by 100 members.

I want to help the space grow and improve as part of the board - at the moment, that means I’m making sure the rent and the bills are paid, but I’ve also done snackspace runs, I do the space laser cutter material orders, and have been responsible for risk assessments.

Mike Bratt

I am extremely passionate about Makerspaces and the wider Maker movement.

Makerspaces, such as ours, are essential to the community, fostering creativity and giving opportunity to everyone irrespective of background, ability, gender or age.

I’m keen to continue to play a key role in helping our Makerspace grow and develop.

Iain MacIver

As a hackspace member for the past couple of years I’ve always believed that our greatest project is the hackspace and the community itself. As such, I’ve always tried to help out in events and participate in areas of space improvement where I’ve been able to offer value - including working alongside the many others who’ve helped move the space to its new premises. If elected, I intend to continue in this spirit and support the great ongoing work of our teams and the membership as a whole.

Voting emails should go out later today.
Greg Morris - Returning Officer

Election emails are now going out - if you do not receive your invitation to vote in the next hour or two, please email election@hacman.org.uk with details and I will look into the matter.

Greg Morris - Returning Officer