Electronics / devkits Wish list


I have the opportunity of getting our mitts on some devkits. (I did a rhyme). I’ve been told “tell us what you want and we’ll see what we can do”. So does anyone have any particular preferences/requests … (Atmel/Freescale/STM/Microchip/etc).


I got one of these recently which is interesting

ESP32 with 4MB PSRAM, basically a microcontroller dev board with wifi bluetooth and additional memory inbuilt

STM32’s are nice usually they do dev boards called ST NUCLEO
This is one of the bigger more expensive ones you can get

although it’s probably much bigger in terms of memory etc then your likley to need normally, usually there are much smaller ST NUCLEO boards

you can also load micropython onto both STM32’s and the ESP32 as well


Thank you!


I think I may have a few Mega R3 clones lying around in the the garage. I’ll bring them in for you.


Here’s a few STMs for starters…

I have a number of STM32 based devboards in my box which I am prepared to lend to people though they’re older chips.

Yusssss, Mike I would really love to have the high performance 32 cortex with the display please.Really kind of you :slight_smile:

I’ve put 2 x ATMEGA2560 R3 (clone) boards in the micro-controller box on the electronics shelves.
I’ve also left a touch screen display for one of them.

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I’ve left @garlicbread in charge of the STMs (as he requested them) :slight_smile:

This bad boy is on the way to us…

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We now have 3 x Nucleo-144 boards and (1x) Motor Driver expansion board

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thats pretty cool

More devkit goodness… will bring them in on Wednesday