email about the new storage rules.

Tl;dr: Left NON PERISHABLE snacks under counter. Not going out of date till next year.
Hello everyone, due to my cousin getting married, I had to leave for Mauritius quite abruptly and had to leave a stash of snacks under the counter. It is non perishable and has a long shelf life. Due to the HackSpace being out of power the last few days, I could only collect my books and had to leave those behind. I also have a black Sports Direct bag in the Quiet Room in the corner near the Arcade station.
I really hope it does not bother you guys. I had to leave quite abruptly and had only one trip to the Space.
I also left butter, cheese and mayonnaise in the fridge, you can use those.
Feel free to contact me, I shall be back to Manchester on September.