Email "reply to" address not working


This is a notification that the email “reply to” option for replying to topics on here by your email client isn’t working, and seemingly stopped working a few weeks ago.

Apologies for the inconvenience. If someone has the time and domain knowledge to get things working again I’m sure it would be appreciated - reach out to the board or on Telegram.

Here’s what happened…

Last month Google started charging the space for email addresses in g-suite, and the board therefore had to remove all email addresses except for:

  • board@hacman (a private email address just for board members)
  • outreach@hacman (a shared inbox for members to email updates, newsletters, notifications etc)

It seems it wasn’t realised at the time, but the list@hacman email address, which was removed, was what was used for replying to the forum, which somehow then routed emails to the forum itself, which lives under the subdomain of I think there’s an AWS thing which does some redirecting but I’m not 100% sure and don’t have the brain credits right now to get into all of that.

As a result, the “reply to” functionality stopped working, and all emails sent to list@hacman got default routed to board@hacman. The board alerted me and I’ve done a look to see what’s going on and I’m fairly confident this is the situation.

I’m not sure why the reply to address couldn’t be to, but I’m reliably informed that doesn’t work.

If someone would like to assist the board in fixing this, shout out, either here or to board@hacman.

How to reply in the interim

In the mean time you can reply by visiting the forum in the web interface at

If you can’t log in with your existing credentials, it may be you don’t have an account since we switched to SSO login. That’s fine - you don’t need to be a member to reply!
Just register some basic details at Join Hackspace Manchester | Hackspace Manchester and if you use the same email address you used before, it’ll magically sync up once you’ve confirmed your email address.

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