EMF 2014 feedback for the Hax0rz of the Roses village!

Hi Peeps!

My brain has now had sufficient rest to recover from an excellent EMF
2014 so it seems like a good time to drop an email to the list.

First I’d like to make special thanks to Bob, Kimball, Jim and Steph
who collectively organised the village, got all the shit down there
and sorted food out. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If you attended, please take a moment to reflect while things are
fresh in your mind and add some feedback to the wiki at

Positive feedback is just as important as negative feedback, but if
you’re adding negative feedback please remember to be constructive and
add a suggestion on how things may have been done differently.

Please can people circulate this email to those who would be
interested in adding to this who may not be on this mailing list?

Great to spend time with you all again :slight_smile:

Ian Norton
Co-Leader North West England Perl Mongers (http://northwestengland.pm.org/)
Member of The Perl Foundation Marketing Committee
Member of FLOSS UK Council (http://www.flossuk.org/)