EMF 2016 First Aid Team Recruiting

Hello there!

It’s that time again! EMF 2016 is happening as I’m sure many of you know.
Just like 2014, we are out recruiting first aid team members to help make
the festival happen. If you are first aid at work, St John Ambulance, a GP,
Paramedic or Community First Responder (or anything FAW and above) and
fancy donating some of your time, we’d love to hear from you.

We are looking for people who are willing to work 3, 8 hour shifts over the
course of the festival. The role is fairly light and you’ll get to see most
of the goings on, go to talks and even take part in workshops, so long as
we keep the first aid tent staffed and you are ready to respond to any
emergencies. You’ll be operating in a team of four people at any one time.
Last camp, we had a lot of fun and an excellent team, and we are hoping to
improve things this year, with better patient report forms, more hot meals
for volunteers and a dedicated lounge area. In addition, you are entitled
to a free ticket! Yes, a whole free ticket for the entire festival, as a
thank-you for volunteering.

If you are keen to take part, please email ben@emfcamp.org or
oni@benjaminblundell.com and I’ll furnish you with further details! For
more information check out the emfcamp webpage: www.emfcamp.org