Entry level Maker/Coding workshop at AfroFutures_UK


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From: Afro Futures afrofutures.uk@gmail.com
Date: 23 August 2015 12:57:54 BST
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Subject: Entry level Maker/Coding workshop at AfroFutures_UK


My name is Florence Okoye and I am the founder and events manager for AfroFutures_UK, a collective of artists, researchers and academics who are interested in exploring afrofuturism and related themes.

I also used to work at MadLab (in case the name sounds familiar… probably not but that’s ok…) and am basically reaching out to all the Manchester based maker/hacker/programming/DIY Science networks to find out if anyone would be interested in joining/supporting a workshop at our inaugural event on the 10th October?

We have a lot of artists and academics as guests speakers, but I’d also really like some practical events where young people can have a go at making things or learning how to code - essentially, putting the theory of socially conscious futurism into practice :slight_smile:

If that sounds like something of potential interest, do let me know. My initial idea was to have some basic programming lessons and then a space for the attendees to have a go using what they’ve learned to make stuff with arduinos/raspberry pi’s that we would provide or on their own laptops if they just want to do some programming, all with the help of willing experts (and yes, I’ll be one - it won’t be just me leaving it up to you guys!).

Kind Regards,

Florence Okoye

AfroFutures_UK is a research and practitioners community, investigating the intersection of futurism and the black experience.