Epilog Laser

I contacted the local distributor for Epilog Laser cutters, CSI Manufacturing (https://www.csionline.co.uk/) yesterday (06/10/20) to see if they could help us get our Laser cutter running again and what it would cost

The issue with ours is the RF circuit board has a couple components that burnt out. We think they were capacitors, though I am not aware if anybody knows for sure. What we do know is they got hot enough to de-solder themselves.

After speaking to CSI they gave me a quote for replacing the board at a cost of £922.25. I’m awaiting the quote to be emailed to me so I can share it with members & the board. In addition to this they also offer technicians to come help fit the replacement/test the machine if required. If we decide not to fix it they all offer removal/recycling options but I don’t know the cost of this at the moment.

Obviously this is something for the membership to discuss and decide how to proceed.


Mark, thanks for doing the research on this and getting the quote.

I know the Epilog is a higher quality machine than our current orange laser cutter, but what benefits would it give to our members if we did get it running?

I’ll be honest I don’t know much about it. Hoping others could chip in and add to the discussion about its pros & cons. My understanding is it’s got a bigger work space and is higher powered (I think 75 watts?).

The machine is a Epilog Legend 32
Model: 6000/75 Laser Engraver
Serial: 6075-02106632

The risk tho is if we spend the £922 and we find out it dont work because of some other proprietary component. It would be better to either replace electronics or scrap it.