Equipment from Auction

There was a post on telegram recently about a bid that’s going on at the moment
for old kit from Wolfreton Upper School

It looks like the bidding ends on the 5th of December
The location is near Hull,+Willerby,+Hull+HU10+6HB/@53.7582996,-0.4644193,12.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4878c046f1f56323:0x295db5846cbf500d!8m2!3d53.7616837!4d-0.444145

Given the scale of this I don’t think I could organise something like this myself, but I’m posting this here to make everyone aware

There’s quite a lot of stuff on there some of it hasn’t been bid for yet
and some of it has only been bid for a pound

I’ve put a list together of some of the more interesting bits
although the main things to think about

  • Is there enough room / space in the space for the things that folks might want to bid on
  • Transportation of anything big and heavy from Hull
  • there’s a £50 deposit which has to be made (but I Think you get back once paying for the stuff that you’ve won)
  • if something is bundled with something else (such as the contents of a room) you may have to dispose of the bits you don’t want
  • One example of this is some of the projectors where you might have to unscrew it from the ceiling, and dispose of all the chairs etc in the room that you don’t want

I’ve not listed everything there’s also
TV’s / Sinks / Casio Keyboards / Fibre Optic cable / Microwaves / Henry Hoovers
A large amount of kitchen stuff (for the kitchen area we were supposed to have fitted for example)
There is a Vacuum Former on there but it looks like someone’s already bid £260 for that one


Lathe Tools

Milling Machines

Wood Working Machines

Large Pillar Drills

Large Bandsaws

Extraction Machines

Black Smith Forge / Tools

Workshop Welding Screens

Double Headed Polisher

Scrap Metal / Plastics (large sheets of perspex)


Flamable Storage / Icubator

Screen Printing Cabinet

Aluminum Partition


Interactive White Boards

Light Box

PCB Etching Tank


Chem Lab stuff


Fume Cabinet


dress maker maniquins

I can certainly see a fume cabinet, the light box, a large bandsaw, and the
dummies being useful.

l think you missed some of the best items though…

Dust extractor

Photographic enlargers

Film and accessories

Backdrops and tripod

Wash tank - think screen printing, washing off parts, etc

Drying rack

Screen printing screens

Good quantity of sewing threads

They have several good sinks we could use

I’m certainly up for throwing a decent chunk of money into a pot for this,
and we have people wanting to get into screen printing, photography, etc,
so I’m sure there will be others. How much would a Luton van be for there
and back, and is someone willing to drive or split the driving? I
definitely think we should work with the other hackspaces in Manchester on

There’s a LOT of interesting-looking stuff on there… I’m also up for
putting a chunk of cash forward if there’s stuff the space wants/needs.

On a non-tool front, would grabbing a few locker banks be a plan for
members’ storage?

Ooh lockers are awesome for members storage. They’re used in a several spaces I’ve visited to good effect.


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere

yeah I got the dust extractor under Extraction Machines
I think there’s more than one of them, but some may be fastened to a wall etc
I put the Photographic enlargers under the Microsope sections not knowing what they were

I suspect anything that has a bid against it at the moment of more than a few quid
such as the dress maker maniquins you might end up with an escalating bid

The reason why I left out the screen printing stuff such as the wash tank / screen printing racks etc
is that your going to have problems finding somewhere to put it in terms of space
I’d really like the horizonatal and vertical milling machines, I think the bandsaw might be 3 phase (which is okay for us) about 18" throat depth
but again it’s the same problem in terms of space allocation.

Assuming we’re able to get some of this I think there needs to be some careful discussion about space prioritisation / how much you can get on the van
we also need to make sure we’re not bidding against Swwils (this is where the link came from)