Ethical SW co-working days at the Hackspace

I want to organise some sessions at the Hackspace where we can work on our projects, learn about other people’s projects and maybe make some connections! They are aimed at people working in Software and interested in ethical uses of it, although other disciplines are welcome if people think they can benefit from co-working. It’s good for battling procrastination!
I have though on meeting every other Monday, roughly from 9:30 to 17. Before advertising it publicly, I want to ask members if you would be interested in joining and if you prefer another day for them to happen. How does this sound for you?
Thanks, Paula.


I’m a software dev and work from home, so this would be great, and Mondays work for me. (I go to a queer coworking space on Tuesdays, and community-based co-working spaces are much better than commercial ones!)

I don’t work in an ethically focussed sector (well, it’s podcasting software, so we’re not selling tobacco to kids at least :sweat_smile:) but would love to join for the tech chat and cross-pollination of ideas!

That’s great @tomh91 !
I’m just going to double-check with the board and I’ll post here the date. Looking forward to co-working with you!


No problems from me. The space is there to be used. I’d just bear in mind members will be allowed to use the space as usual during your Coworking time, so you can’t expect people to not be using powertools etc. The WiFi also isn’t super fast nor stable, so please take that into account.

Any non-members will be your own responsibility.

There is now a donation option on the new tuckshop payment till by the fridges. I’d encourage anyone who isn’t a member to become one and/or to make a donation to the space.

If this were to grow into a bigger event we would need to review it properly, but currently it sounds pretty small scale.



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Thanks for that @Josephxtian!
The coworking days are now ready to start! I will be around next Monday (3rd) in case anyone want to pop in and contribute with their ideas. They will be advertised more broadly after Easter break, holding the first session on the 17th.
Feel free to share the event with whoever can be interested or follow the Ethical Software movement for hearing about related events.
The event is thought to be small scale, but if it becomes popular this will be for sure notified to the board.
Hope to see you there!