EU Style Hackerspace Passport - Stamp or didn't happen!

Hello My HacMen Friends!

EU Hackerspace Passport – Now available! Stamp or didn’t happen!

Last year Mitch Altman and Matthew Borgatti created an CC by SA blue
“Diplomatic Passport” which you can buy from Ada Fruit or print your own!
Now members of Nottingham Hackspace in the UK have created a burgandy EU

To encourage us all to visit other Hackerspace around the planet we’ve made
the EU version Hackerspace Passport!

Phenoptix have very kindly offered to host them on their webshop free of
charge and they can be purchased for £3 each or £25 for 10.

Buy EU Hackerspace Passport

Download .pdf file to print your own

Buy blue US Diplomatic Passport

Download .pdf file to print your own

If you would like a stamp making Nottingham Hackspace has laserable rubber
and a laser etcher capable of doing it. Email your logo to ** and we’ll try and sort
that out for you!

Dominic Morrow

Co-Founder Nottingham Hackspace