Evening tour crib sheet

Hi All,

I’m putting together a 2-sided A4 crib sheet to help people give tours of the space to new and prospective members.

It’s aim is to help standardise the tours a little and make sure all the important points are covered, while being no more than 2 sides of an A4 sheet. It also means even if you only use one area of the space, you might be more comfortable explaining things about other areas.

It’s more of a reference, than a script.

If you’ve got time to have a quick read through and let me know if it seems good, or if there’s something obvious missing them please either leave a comment on the document, or here on the forum.

I’m hoping to have them laminated and put near the door by Wednesday evening this week.

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Cheers Joe - will have a look later

Looking great! Just made a couple of tiny changes. The points about the community are important. Is this intended for open evening tours for brand new prospects as well? It looks like a kind of dual-use thing

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Thanks Mike. If brand new prospects = new members, then yes, the intention is you show someone around, then if they’re keen to join you finish off with the admin bits.

The tour guide is done, laminated and in its new home just under the first aid kits as you come into the space!

It’s meant to be a prompt for the tour giver, rather than a self-guided tour.

Don’t forget to return them afterwards.