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Received this from Rolls Royce

The ROLLS ROYCE MANUFACTURING HACK will be taking place on the 15th - 16th of October, and I believe this would interest your community !

The Challenge : This hackathon will throw you in the deep end of automated and AI-driven decision making. Highly skilled and exceptional tech talent is welcome, whether you have a company of your own or not. This is a huge opportunity marrying AI and data science in the world of aerospace manufacturing.

The Prize : £10,000

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Science Uncovered 2018

From Manchester Museum

Friday 28 September is European Researcher’s night, and for the fourth time Manchester Museum will be hosting Science Uncovered Manchester - a special late opening showcasing Manchester’s finest researchers and their work for an adult audience.

There’ll be research on show, music, drinks and a lively atmosphere. Our participation in Science Uncovered event is funded by the Natural History Museum, who’ve hosted this event successfully for several years in London and Tring. European Researcher’s Night is a Europe wide initiative, in which thousands of researchers all across Europe meet the public and share their work in a social setting.


I’m up for that! Sounds good!


Too late it seems, ticket sales now closed :frowning:


I was wrong… ticket sales are now open

Science Uncovered 2018

Tickets Here