Farnell Order

looking to put an order in tonight and i’m at 16.96… i’ll add some cleaning products to get me over the line but if anyone wants parts let me know.

Yup I’m interested.

I need these parts: Re: farnell order (the 2018 thread #1)

There should be enough to take you over.

the last item, B0520LW RHG, just x5 which is the minimum order?

8pm is the cutoff

are you ok to collect from the Chips building, not far from the Hac space?

hi Harvinder,
i did not hear back from you so i didn’t press the order at 8pm. could you confirm and i’ll make it today and it will be with me Monday?
thank you

Sorry, I didn’t get notified of this update for some reason.

The last item is just the equivalent part so that’s only for reference. So 15 parts in total for my order (the first two sets of parts)

I think just keep them for now, as I’m on holiday next week or if you are in the space you can put them in my members box.

Let me know when you are back and around.

I’ve PM’d you. Just let me know your user name on telegram and I can contact you directly.

I’ll be doing a Farnell tomorrow evening.

Part numbers and quantities of below or on Telegram please.