Final(?) list for Weldy Grindy grant money

Hi all,

following yesterday’s meeting, I have drawn up a final or near-final list of tools/equipment that we will be requesting to spend the £1,000 grant money. We now have one week to discuss on the forum or on Telegram. I will be submitting the form on Christmas Eve (24 Dec 2020).

I have placed the items in order of (perceived) importance. If we can’t afford all of them, we’ll request them in the order shown until the £1,000 is used up.

I have left the document editable for convenience, but please don’t go in and start editing it without general agreement of the members.

Any questions, just ask here or on Telegram.

here’s the form as i will submit it tonight, folks.

any last-minute concerns, please grab me – ideally on telegram.

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this is now with the board