First Nanode runs code!

I spotted this on the London Hackspace list this afternoon, and I’ve checked
with Ken, it is for general distribution :slight_smile:

Jon “The Nice Guy” SpriggsOn 29 March 2011 20:27, Ken Boak wrote:

Hot off the press tonight is the Nanode - a £20 Network Applications Node.

It’s Arduino shield compatible and offers lowest cost entry to internet
connectivity and Internet of Things (IOT) sensor networks.

There’s 10 beta boards being distributed for application development, and
we hope to have a public demo of internetworked nodes during the Pachube
Hackathon on April 8th/9th.

After that we will be producing a batch of 100 - 200 boards and offer them
on general sale at a sub £5 bare board price. You then buy the remainder of
parts for about £12 and solder it up - takes just over an hour.

The Nanode is being offered to Hackspaces at a rock bottom price, so that
it can be included in workshops, Hackathons and other IOT events.

Nanode - Just Make It!

Ken B

Interested parties should contact me about pre-ordering boards from the
next batch. We hope to take this to China to get the best price on 200