First Post FTW!

tee-hee :slight_smile: Thanks for an inspiring night chaps :slight_smile: Currently
investigating laconica. Take care!

As group creator, I really should have aimed for First Post! D’oh!

Indeed, it was a really good night but tomorrow’s going to be hard LOL

I’ll make sure I post the notes I took and send the links I promised
tomorrow in between work.

Oh, and with laconica - version 0.8 is due out any time nowish, so I’d
probably hold off until next week really. Take a look at to see
what it’s all about :slight_smile:

All the best,

Jon ““The Nice Guy”” Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified
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tee-hee :slight_smile: Thanks for an inspiring night chaps :slight_smile: Currently
investigating laconica. Take care!

There’s a guy drinks down the grey horse swears he’s Elvis!

Enjoyed meeting everyone tonight!

argh, i wanted that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyay, i’m going to make my post the most useful one up to now with a couple
of instructables related to things discussed!

MDF CNC Machine RGB Bike POV

And some awesome stuff:

SNES cartrage interface RGB LED Mood lighting And Lastly,
a shameless plug for my robot blog!

Was good meeting you folks last night.

Have been checking out - looks interesting. Found a useful
app which allows you to post to / Twitter / friendfeed etc.
at the same time - - Personally
I’d be happy to switch to if I could still send updates as I
do now through Seesmic Desktop or similar and just have it update
whichever accounts I want without much messing about - I await your

Shameless plug for the blog I contribute to -

  • Jon won’t like it, we don’t review Blue WKD’s!!

Just to add something else I find useful when working with people from
other offices etc - I have created a quick and dirty map on
mindmeister @ . Thought this might
be a useful place for dumping ideas/stuff that needs discussing/WIP

Few other bits of contact info :

Skype Name : scott.edwards80
Skype No. : +44 161 408 4250

Looking forward to the next meet!

Following Bob’s lead, here are a few more links to topics discussed…
Candy Fab.

Makerbot (More 3D printing)
Short TED lecture about a wearable gesture driven computer
LilyPad, the microcontroller designed for wearable devices

The folding UK mains plug
MAME - The arcade emulator

I’m sure there were others.

I don’t have a tech blog to shamelessly plug, but if you really
desperately want to read the blog I’ve posted to 6 times in the last
year, just do a Google search for “fake pictures of popular female
celebrities in the altogether” !!