Flashing LED circuit for a child's shoe

Hi Kim,

What you are asking for sounds possible. When you say coloured LEDS
are you meaning multicolour LEDS as in LEDS which change colour or do
you mean a Red LED, a Blue LED, Orange LED and a Green LED. It means
the control
circuitry is slightly different…it also increases the cost of the

How bright do the LEDS need to be? This also affects circuitry and
hence costs…

Are you intending to actually make a circuit that fits
inside the shoes and can be worn by a child or just fake it and hide
the circuitry in the shoe.

When you say filming is in March…how long away. It would take time
to design and build a circuit to do this. Maybe two weeks to get a
fully working circuit.
I can knock up a rapid prototype in a day once I get more information.

By the way…what size is the shoe…it
would be helpful to know.