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Subject: [GeekUp] Fly The Coop Office space - Northern Quarter
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 11:47:53 +0100
From: Paul Robinson
To: GeekUp

Hi all,

Sorry for banging this drum once more, but we’re a couple of people
short of being able to make sure all this happens.

Fly The Coop is a non-profit co-operative (actually, legally established
as an Independent Provident Society, regulated by the FSA and all that
jazz), that several GeekUpers established some time ago. Our goal is to
provide/support permanent co-working spaces in the North of England for
freelancers and SMEs.

Some of you will have heard that there is a Hackspace opening up in the
Northern Quarter. As part of that space, FTC hopes to commit to renting
the first floor and providing a co-working space. We talked about the
space a little here:

Before moving in there will be some serious re-decoration and probably
the removal of a wall in order to make one of the rooms much

Basically, there is space for permanent desks, hot-desking and a meeting
room. Right now we have 4 people lined up to take a permanent desk at
£200/month (which is a members rate - membership costs just £1/year, and
you’ll be expected to help a little bit from time-to-time in running the
co-op), but we need another 2 people in order to secure the space and
cover all rent, rates, and electricity. The deal is spelled out here:

We have until the weekend to secure it. If we manage to, everybody
benefits from a cheap meeting room, from hot-desking and the community
we hope to build.

£200/month for a desk, chair, power and wifi might seem too rich for
some, but it’s very competitively priced for the Northern Quarter.
Please get in touch with Ben Gibbs or myself if you’re interested.

Feel free to forward this beyond the GeekUp/tech community if you think
somebody will be interested.

Paul Robinson ::
:: +44 (0) 7740 465746

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