Free Fully funded 3D printer & 3D CAD training from the GMCA - Each printer course comes with a free 3D printer to take away

Hey All,

We had this email to the hackspace account. Might be of interest to some of you.

Good Afternoon,

Do you like to explore new mediums for artistic expression and product creation or even custom jigs, tools and fixtures? Would you like to know how to make 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and Digital Sculpture pieces that could be translated into the real word though 3D printing? Would you benefit from a Free 3D Printer and Fully Funded (free) training?

You could use this to concept out new ideas but also use 3D printing to create final pieces of artwork or armatures. I have used 3D printing to create props for film and TV, stop motion puppets and customised art pieces as just a few examples. You can even 3D Print 3D “Lithophanes” using 2D photographs at the click of a button to create personalised items such as Baubles, Suncatchers, lampshades and artwork reliefs.

The funding is due to finish early 2023, so please book on ASAP to ensure your place on a course. There is no limit to how many employees you can send, and every learner gets a free 3D printer. Our 5 day combo course includes 3D CAD training so that you can learn to design your own bespoke parts to print also.

Fully funded Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and 3D CAD Training Courses (flyer attached).

3D 360 are part of the GMCA Digital Careers Upskill Programme (DCUP) initiative to upskill the workforce of Greater Manchester

Under this scheme we can offer free 3D Printer or 3D CAD training / CPD and every learner on the 3D printer course also gets a Creality Ender 3 printer to take away

This offer is available to anyone who is over 16, employed, living or working in the GMCA and presents a great opportunity for the area.

Our courses are delivered face to face from our training rooms in Leigh near Wigan and are over 2, 3 or 5 days between the hours of 9:30 and 3pm to tie in with work or childcare commitments.

Our flagship course is our 5-day 3D Printer & 3D CAD combo course. Each learner gets a free 3D printer and engineers measurement kit.

The below dates are currently available and there a more being released for early 2023, however some have limited spaces remaining.

Please see the Press release from the GMCA and a link to the Serco website outlining us as an approved supplier

3D 360 are providing Fully Funded 3D Printer and 3D CAD training courses funded by the GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) Digital Careers Upskill Programme. See the GMCA press release £4m skills programme to improve diversity in city-region’s digital sector - Greater Manchester Combined Authority

3D 360 are an approved training provider to Serco under the GMCA DCUP programme Digital Careers Upskill Programme

Available up and coming courses – Secure your place ASAP as courses fill up fast: (if your preferred date is not listed, please contact us to check availability or to be added to a waiting list)

2 Day 3D Printer Build and Operator Level Training with Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Applications for Industry Overview (includes 3D printer) (Back by popular demand)
Mon – Tue

19th – 20th December
4th - 5th January 2023 (Wed - Thur)
9th – 10th January 2023
16th – 17th January 2023
23rd – 24th January 2023

3 Day 3D Printer Build and Advanced Operator Level Training with Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Applications for Industry Overview (includes 3D printer)
Mon – Wed

19th – 21st December
28th – 30th December (*subject to demand)
4th - 6th January 2023 (Wed - Fri)
9th – 11th January 2023
16th - 18th January 2023
23rd – 25th January 2023

5 Day 3D CAD & 3D Printer Build and Advanced Operator Level Training with Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Applications for Industry Overview (includes 3D printer)
Mon – Fri

19th – 23st December
9th – 13th January 2023
16th – 20th January 2023
23rd - 27th January 2023

2 Day 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Design Principles with design for 3D Printed Components
Thur – Fri

15th – 16th December
22nd – 23rd December
12th – 13th January 2023
19th – 20th January 2023
26th – 27th January 2023

If you wish to book for the above dates or early 2023, please contact us to discuss weekly availability to secure your space now and we will send you our FAQ’s and short booking form to complete

The email was from

Fully Funded DCUP Course Flyer RFS Emailer 17112022.pdf (733.5 KB)

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No offense but could you paste that email as normal text. It was a pain to read scrolling across and down in that small box.

Oh god, yeah that is terrible. Didn’t realise it had done that.



Would the Hackspace be up for hosting these courses at our place? We need at least 10 people per course. I am happy to co-ordinate it.

Hi Pau,

Sorry I’m not quite sure what you mean?

Do you mean the 3d printer training is held at Hackspace and an external instructor comes in and runs them for the public?

Yes, just this, thanks!

If they’re open for Hackspace members to sign up as well then it’s something we could consider sure. Do you want to email/phone me with a bit more information about it and i can talk to the 3d printer team about it?

It’s a funded programme, so I would say that Hackspace members are welcome to join if they meet the criteria.
Maybe people can reply to this thread if they are interested and meet the criteria, for having an idea?

Ok, so to clarify:
The courses would be run in the hackspace, we would be providing table space only plus access o toilet and drink making facilities? Or also access to our 3D printers?

The course hosts would bring their own computers to use and 3d printers with filament (?).

I guess this would take place over 2-5 days as per the original advert above, during the working day only, so 9am-5pm ish.

Members are welcome to apply to be on the course, if they meet the criteria.

I think on this basis, since it is not being run for members, we could discuss hosting, but there would be a donation to the space to cover use of the space. We would also be unable to provide private use, members are allowed 24/7 access to the space.

If this sounds good then I can check it with the other board members.

I know i’d personally be interested in attending one of the courses.


They will bring their own computers, printers and filament. i’ll mention the donation and the private access to them. Can you send me your email account for adding you to the conversation?

Great that you are interested, +1. Thanks!

Hello is this training still available


You will need to get in touch with the email supplied in the brochure. This training is not run by hackspace, but an external organisation.