Free giant guillotine (where might it live, who will own it?)

Member Lawrence Shoebridge has kindly offered the space a large guillotine, which can cut sheet metal, card, plastics, hardboard, and other materials that may be of interest to us. It is currently located near the space in Failsworth.

Cut length" 36"
Cut capacity: at least 1mm alu, 1.5mm plastic, probably higher. 3mm alu is tough but can be done.
Total width: 5 feet
Depth: 14", but required approx 5 feet of clearance behind

The machine is v. heavy, requiring a van and 3-4 people to lift it. It is currently broken down into its 5 main sections and will take about 1h to assemble again.

It is also an old machine with no guards, and therefore not up to current health and safety standards.

What now?
Acquiring this tool is relatively easy, the cost it £0 and installing it it is an afternoon’s work. Important questions are:

  1. Where would it go? As it is suitable for a range of materials, we could find room for it in the main area, perhaps. It does take up a huge floor area. I think board and/or member consensus is required before a location is chosen.
  2. Who will risk assess it and manage transportation, installation, and potential training? Without someone actively in charge of this, we will end up with a very heavy ornament that can’t be safely used.
  3. Who will fabricate and install guards for it?

I don’t personally have the bandwidth to manage this process, so someone needs to come forward. We have the paperwork and processes in place to provide risk assessment and training, we just need a person to volunteer to actually do it.

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