Free stuff & open evening / membership etc

hey everyone, i made a post a while ago about some free toric mirrors i was
giving away and intending to come along to an open evening as i do want to
sign up as a member. At the moment it’s difficult for me to make it in the
evening, but that should change in a few weeks time and i can get away to
drop into Manchester so i’m looking forward to getting there eventually!

I also have some more free stuff to give away in addition to the mirrors
that maybe of use to some…

i have four open frame linear power supplies; an International Power
IHB12-1.7 (12v DC @ 1.7A), International Power IHCBB-75W (5v DC @ 6A &
12/15v DC @ 1.7/1.5A) and two Power One HB250-.1-A (250v DC @ 0.1A), you
should be able to google those references to get datasheets. i also have a
big, strong freestanding metal enclosure with separate PSU cage i want to
give away too as it would be a shame to send this one to recycling…

The enclosure is also offered for free on the EEVBlog forum where there is
a video clip showing the box.

The box would have to be collected from South Manchester, i’m about 10 mins
away from the airport in Heald Green.

mark aka DextersLab2013