Fresh air ventilation and cleaning station update

Fresh air ventilation

Today (technically yesterday) @Marcus6275 and I installed fresh air ventilation into the space. This takes fresh air in from outside, and forces it into the main area.

The pipework takes the fresh air from outside into the main space, through the vestibule. The pipe is supported by steel cable secured to the ceiling with anchor bolts:

Inside the pipe and at the barrier with the inner wall is a fire baffle, which will shut and permanently seal if it gets too hot such as in a fire.

The fan is controlled by a boost timer found by the light switches. This lets people choose if they want outside air in without letting it be left on:

The fresh air enters the space by the TV and can be felt some distance into the main room. This works in tandem with the air filter which together makes the space a more pleasant and healthy place to be.

Ventilation will help with dust issues, keep the space at a positive pressure and with covid still about and getting people ill it’ll help push out any nasties in the air.

The system can be extended to a degree such as having tees and diffusers in the space, for example into woodworking, parkspace, or visual arts.

The intake vent is some distance away from the bathroom exhaust vent, which should prevent the Pendolino problem. There’s also a fly screen on the outside, to screen flies, birds, mice, squirrels, travelling salesmen, and keep curious hands out of the fan blades.

So yeah thats now installed!

Cleaning Station

When we cleared out the vestibule to install the fan, we realised how much nicer it is without the shelves in. We have cleaned this area up, and moved the cleaning shelves to behind the bar which is the new admin/office area. There’s a sign in its place directing people to the new cleaning station.

The glass “made here” cabinet has been dusted off and moved. It would be good to get power to this!

Inner doors

The inner doors had obstructions removed and while being closed adds an obstacle when moving bikes/projects out, a few folk reckon it’s a good idea to keep them closed especially when opening the outside doors to prevent passers by having a full view of the space.

I was thinking maybe we could get electric door hold magnets so that the doors can be held open while coming in and out, but they release after a certain time. For example the could either be connected to a boost timer or a time-of-day timer (evenings onwards they close). But realistically these doors will continue to get propped open, so I reckon it’s time for another tip run to clear out all the potential door props that are nearby.