Fun little project - help Needed

Hi All. I was wondering if one of you lovely people could help me? I am creating an interactive experience for families, where they are invited to enter a confetti room. At random intervals a number of large blowers will start and blow all the confetti around, kind of like the crystal maze.

I was hoping someone would be able to assist in the development of a pre-programmed little switch system that we could plug the blowers into to control the on and off of the blowers. Eg. to turn the power onto to the blower for say 15 seconds, once every 8 - 12 minutes. We have some budget for parts etc, and need it by mid to end of July.


Hi Andrew,

I suspect I can help you design a timer based switching system to achieve control of your fans. I would need to see the fans first so I can see what is involved to power the fans on and off but in concept this is fairly easy to achieve and I’ve made similar circuits in the past. From what you have mentioned it doesn’t sound overly complex and I believe the time frame is doable…I may revise that statement once I know a little more but you have my interest…I’ve not got any projects on the go at the moment so I’m free to assist as needed.




Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response.

I was doing some more research on this last night and there are a number of videos of people making arduino controlled relays and raspberry pi boards to control extension leads, which i think would be perfect. I could probably sort the coding and the logic, but not really sure where to start on the other stuff.

As for the hardware, I don’t have the blowers yet, but thinking about using a number of carpet fans (on amazon here).

We could plug multiple fans into an extension lead and then just control that one extension lead (and hope it can take them all starting up at the same time!)

Perhaps it would be good to set a quick call to so I can run through everything and answer your questions.


Hi Andrew, not a problem at all…please can you email me or message me on telegram and we can discuss further.

My telegram handle is Langster1980

And my email address is