Fw: F.A.O. Skippy

Hi Skippy. Just realised that with all these nicknames at Hackman I am replying to 2 different people. I easily get mixed up especially if i leave the replying for a few days! . The info below I have just sent to someone called George who has also shown an interest.Do you have a contact e mail please?

As you can see, the bee does a waggle during its figure of 8 walk. The fact that it then goes off on a straight line I haven’t put too much importance on. It’s the 8 that I was after simulating.

I had seen this line following on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usnv9gB6RLU&list=PLEB928FB95360AF98. Also…

It comes in at 6 mins 10 seconds on the clip. It’s simple and follows a circle and thought may do a figure 8?It looks weak compared to some ideas. We have a meeting on 7th Jan and will take this idea to them and I’ll ask about the funding. This idea of a bee’s waggle dance will be in the Exhibition Centre but there will also be many other ideas such as… 1- the chain saw wood carving in the attachment and;
2. InnerbreedFX
www.innerbreed.co.uk which shows another Owl with a moving head, eyes and wings. This idea is likely to be at the entrance

As I say, I’ll get in touch after the meeting on the 7th
Regards Steve

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