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this was on Green Cycle Manchester this evening thought someone may be interested, definately can be stored at the factory if anyone has a use for it.

Offered - Vintage Pub Quiz Machine - London Underground - M40**Mod E

Posted by:      "sacha_leslie"      

  Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:38 pm            

Up for grabs is my much loved QuiZ Machine that has been converted for
home use. It has recently developed a temperamental fault in that
sometimes the screen lights up but that’s it. Probably a simple fix for
anyone in the know.

It is very large and very heavy and will require 2 people to move, so please bear this in mind before requesting.

Pick up around 5pm in the evening on Wed/Thur/Fri is preferred and please no time wasters. It has to go this week.

Please reply with a contact number and the day you can collect

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