General request for older members' knowledge of the space

A common theme I encounter whenever I talk to people about things I think are missing from the space is that I find out that actually something already exists but isn’t used.

I’m actually very interested in finding out what people have already tried and what the problems were; because we can’t just have a situation where we keep starting the same projects over and over again. Some older solutions are better than what we do now, and some ideas we have now are actually ideas people started playing with before but never got to the end of.

We’re all busy people so I want to make it clear this post isn’t to criticise anyone’s work; it’s in the spirit of wanting to develop a deep knowledge of the space so I can serve it in the best way.

Our biggest constraint is peoples’ time and the time people have spent building our community is more valuable than any individual piece of equipment; so I want to look into better ways of us building on past work and not retracing our steps constantly, and in that spirit I’d like to actually know in more detail what’s happened already. I’m happy to be contacted on the forum, on telegram, in person or by phone (I’ll be putting my phone number on the notice board next time I’m in).

TL;DR: Please tell me about the idiots who don’t listen to you and keep throwing out your work.