Getting rid of old equipment incl. some Microchip chips and programmers

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From: David Bayliss
Date: 20 October 2015 at 17:05:50 BST
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Subject: Getting rid of old equipment incl. some Microchip chips and programmers


I visited on a Wednesday open-evening sometime ago … probably will apply to join sometime. Been tidying-up a lot at home while between jobs (huge task - e.g. scanned 20,000+ docs since May). I haven’t got a lot of space at home, lost with erosion most of my knowledge and skill sets in the last 15-years of mental health issues and admin jobs, and want to refocus my skill sets to a smaller group of specific technologies - relevant (e.g. Arduino/Pi/IOT/etc. & related) that require minimal space, and that will hopefully help me eventually find work in something more suitable for me in the future.

Anyway … I need to get rid of a bunch of old rubbish from the cellar … and before I contact Salvage Guy from Vernon Mill, or visit the tip, I wondered if you might want any of it?

In particular - what I thought might be of interest to you … within the last 15-years I bought Microchip stuff … e.g. a Maplin ICD (USB if I recall), another USB programmer / experiment board, a serial programmer / experiment board, a Zif socket with RJ45 connector (if I recall) and break-out patch connectors, and a small number … can’t remember … maybe around 20 or so various Microchip chips unopened (rough guess from memory). Don’t know what their shelf life is … re. junction breakdown etc.

I also have thick folders with printed documentation for a couple of chips, in plastic wallets (probably at least 10-years old).

Also have an electro-static mat (I only use the wrist thing now).

Err … 250W motor from an electric bike I think with chain sprocket that you could desk mount and easily replace the sprocket.

Err … a pulse (multi-phase) (sort of stepper motor) from a plotter I think that I probably scavenged as old in the 90’s lol … but decent stuff with a belt drive thingy on the shaft.

Boxes and boxes of junk like cables, usb modem, tonnes of network cards, even BNC cable and so on. This my second round of rubbish … already given away my first round (cream of the crop incl. working printers/computers) and a little bit of this second round.

If you’re interested let me know ASAP … before it gets thrown away. I’m trying to go “zen” as fast as I can now so I can begin focussing properly on getting a job, my website, and projects. I could send specific pictures if you want. Someone would have to come pick it up.

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