Giant White/Blackboard for projects

I was thinking about how to get people who are already members of the space or potential members to know what everyone is working on or where their interests lie. This is to get some cross collaboration going and hopefully bring the group closer.

For this I was envisioning a white/blackboard on the wall in the lounge area. This will have a list of what people are working or what they would be interested and skilled at.

This should provide a clear view if anyone needed any help/advice or even if you are looking for some inspiration.

This is entirely optional, you don’t have to put your name down and for the start I will be the one going around and trying to work out what everyone is working or wants to do and updating the list(This will help me understand what is going on in the hackspace and more importantly who is doing it).

My question is is everyone ok with that space being taken up for that (it may involve moving some shelves in the lounge area), do we have a white/blackboard we can use and is someone willing to help me put it up?

Feel free to discuss this on telegram also.

We have some whiteboard paper somewhere that just needs wallpaper pasting up.

Tamarisk Kay

This was already used for the whiteboard by member’s storage.