Google groups preferences should now be imported.

I’ve just imported the old settings from the google group for mail delivery. This should mean that people are only receiving email if they previously were, and should be receiving digests if they were previously receiving digests.

If anyone is now receiving emails and thinks they shouldn’t be, or wants to change to receive digests or direct mail, the settings can be edited in Your Settings by:

  • Clicking your avatar in the top right
  • Clicking the gear for settings
  • Then change
  • For no emails at all unless you are specifically mentioned: Mailing List Mode to Off and When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies to Off
  • Digest: Mailing List Mode to On and change the dropdown to Send daily updates
  • Full mailing list: Mailing List Mode or On and change the dropdown to Send me a new email for every post

I’d also suggest setting Include previous replies at the bottom of emails to Never as this makes the emails a lot more pleasant from a mailing list POV.

For anyone why has already changed their settings and now has to redo them, sorry - I did try to filter out people who had already mentioned changing them but couldn’t get them all.


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