Gripes and Groans

The post that started this didn’t appear in my mailbox.


Oh, correction, it did it just failed to thread properly.

Nice… :angry:

Oh, correction, it did it just failed to thread properly.

Yeah, and the Reply-To plays havoc with
mail filters as well.

Alan Burlison

Under gmail I’m seeing the headers

From: Chris Ball
Reply-To: HACMan Mailing List

so would it not be better to filter on From or subject rather than Reply-To

Oh, correction, it did it just failed to thread properly.

Oh dear, not threading here either. Is inline quoting supported?


If you have gripes/groans please post them in this thead, contact me directly on here (discourse), or contact me directly on Telegram @Quidoigo; don’t just start crapping up another thread. :wink:

Otherwise I might not see or notice them until much later, not to mention you’re just muddying up a completely unrelated discussion, neither of which is helpful to anyone.

Thank you!

Your theading problem was likely caused due to a mismatch in the subject line as just after creating that first post we were informed there was an extra ] on the [HACMan] label, which we then removed.

If the problem persists let me know and I’ll have another look into it.

I’m finding the new system quite impenetrable.

Every time I click on a topic I look down towards the bottom and there are a host of other topics that I had not seen when I look at the list on the main page.

Plus, I seem to have three accounts, two of which are linked to my Google account. I shall simply have to resign the two spare logins.

And there seems to be a mirror of what I am typing in the right hand frame, which I have never seen before. I have now hidden this weird preview box.

The new system does not seem to have the elegant simplicity of the old system. I don’t have any suggestions for a fix and I doubt pleas to return to the old, perfectly functional, Google Groups method will be well received.

Doubtless we will all get used to it.

Andrew Gladwell.

Now that the email issue seems to have been sorted, I have noticed a slight bug. This is most likely an issue with discourse, but I will mention it here before submitting it as a bug to Discourse.

When receiving an email containing something along the lines of :frowning:, instead of the correct Unicode character being included in the email, I see :frowning:

I would expect the correct Unicode character to be substituted, rather than the code used for the convenience of the typist.

Seems to work on my iphone, see screen shot


[image: image1.PNG]

I am also finding it impenetrable, I’ve had none of the above discussion sent to me via email and like you, even when I visited the horrible web UI I only found this thread by accident. Discourse is simply not fit for purpose and the GG should be restored ASAP.

The topics at the bottom are suggested topics, you likely won’t have seen them on the main page as we have nearly 2,000 topics and I doubt you’ll have scrolled through them all. :slight_smile:

The three accounts will be due to you having interacted with the old list using the three emails, hopefully Bob will manage to get it to stop emailing those that hadn’t been setup to receive email previously soon enough.

The mirroring of your text was, as you identified, a preview window. This is because we can now use markdown to format our messages and so a preview is very useful.

If you have any other concerns/complaints I’m more than happy to help/explain why they are. :slight_smile: If, after working through the teething issues with the email, we find Discourse is still causing problems we will consider reverting to gmail; but at this point people simply haven’t given Discourse a chance.

This may be due to a setting I set to handle the import, I’ll take a look later tonight!

Thanks Quid.

I’ll bear with it. Doubtless these are merely teething pains.
I have unsubscribed the other two accounts for the moment. Now I receive only one set, so that’s fine.

Andrew Gladwell.

Spoke too soon. I’m back with multiple copies again. Now to unsubscribe again…

If you continue to have the issue I can deactivate the other accounts for you :slight_smile:

I had that happen yesterday. It took a few minutes for the unsubscribe to take effect. (I originally signed up to Google Groups with an account I still own but rarely use.)


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere

I’m still getting three copies, despite unsubscribing three times now.

Quid, would you please remove my other two accounts and (pretty please) rename the one tied to to AndrewGladwell or some suitable derivative if at all possible.


Andrew Gladwell.

This should now be fixed - the username for the account / email address you specified is @Andrew_Gladwell and the other two are set not to receive email (Turned mailing list mode off)

I’ve changed the subject label, as it didn’t match the HacMan capitalisation styling, so email threading might break again but shouldn’t change again after this. Sorry! :slight_smile: