Gripes and Groans


Nope, its still working, the listid is all lowercase


Oh, also its HACMan IIRC for Hacking and Craft Manchester.



I was under the impression, having not had any mail from the Hacman list for several years, that I’d successfully unsubscribed from the group. I’ve now just checked my spam folder, to find a LOT of emails, and to learn that in order to unsubscribe, I had to create an account… not very impressed.

Now I can’t figure out how to delete the account that I had to create in order to stop receiving the emails that I haven’t wanted for some time…


Please accept our sincere apologies for that. We’ve reinstated the preferences that you had on the Google Group so you shouldn’t get any more email from us. If you are please contact me or @Quidoigo and we will fix it.


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere


I take it that means there isn’t a way of deleting this account, that I never wanted?


Um. Yeah in a particularly special moment I anonamysed the a/c but forgot to keep her email address to let her know I had done so.

Sometimes I’m not very smart.


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere


Thank you.


How does quoting work in the web interface? Just wondering because only a few of us seem to be quoting, which means it’s hard to know which bit of the post is being responded to in some cases.


Hilight the text you want to quote, and click on the reply button which appears :smiley:


Just tried. It doesn’t.


Probably relies on Javascript. I have just turned off Javascript and force-refreshed the page and all functionality disappeared.

It actually looks a lot nicer without all the formatting - but the reply button also disappears.


Yes the vast majority of the fanciness of the web interface will be javascript, as it has client-side interactivity. :slight_smile:

If you have suggestions for how the style can be improved we’d love to hear it, we’re currently working to improve the experience for everyone and adjusting the look and feel can be looked in to! :smiley:


Actually, I have just compared the site with JS on and off and, whilst I do prefer it with the scripting turned off, I’m at a loss to suggest quite why. I think it is because it’s denser and requires less scrolling - perhaps, given that the text is a fixed width, the reply/link/etc buttons could be placed vertically on the right? In a block, such that they don’t extend a short post?

But it’s a very minor preference if I’m honest.


Another (minor) issue you might want to look at -

I keep getting mail with the phrase ‘:slight_smile:’ in it. I assumed
initially this was some oddity of the sender, but then I realised it was in
both Hacman and SLMS (who also use Discourse).

It seems to be Discourse’s translation of a smiling emoji.


Ironically that came through for me as the emoticon rather than :simplesmile: which is what I usually get. I believe this one is on our todo list already but I will check :slight_smile:


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere


Yes it is! Would you prefer these were translated to Unicode equivalents? That might get a bit hard as there is quite a few of these emoticons available and we may need to write a custom plugin for it (though one might already exist!), unless another alternative can be suggested?


I’ve had :slight_smile:, :smiley: and :simplesmile: in this one thread.

I don’t know how emoji are supposed to work - if that’s a standard way to
escape them, I guess it’s fair enough. Not sure what the best choice is …
probably convert the obvious ones to real (digraph) emoticons and leave the
others as emoji if there’s a defined way to do that.

If it’s a Discourse-specific encoding, that seems like a bad idea.


It’s a Markdown convention iirc. We’re gonna see if we can fix it :slight_smile:


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere


Having just read the wikipedia page on emoji … it’s a disaster. For
example :

This encoding was used in Apple's
iOS before version 5.[44]
It uses the following characters from the Unicode Private Use Area (this is unlikely
to display correctly on systems that do not use SoftBank encoding, but a
conversion table is available between Unicode, SoftBank and various other

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure. Reminds me of


Er … I didn’t write that. Something looked up one of the wikipedia
references and included it inline.