Gripes and Groans


Yup. That’s expected behaviour.


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t: @notquitehere


How does it decide which links to follow ? Would it include an image from (if it still existed) ?


If it detects a link to an image it downloads a local copy and displays it, for other links it attempts to generate a preview. It doesn’t “decide” what to follow and just generates a preview for whatever it can.

My earlier image was actually originally a link to!


Sounds risky. Is it possible to have it check a whitelist ?


Whitelists are very exclusive and blacklists don’t offer enough coverage; if somebody were to post inappropriate content it would be down to the moderators to remove it and inform the board of the infraction.

We trust our members to not post such content, as not only is it a violation of Hacman’s Code of Conduct it also goes against common decency.

See for further information about our CoC; whilst nothing is explicitly stated regarding the above it is considered one of the “common sense” rules, and the CoC defines that it is not an exhaustive list.